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Album Review: Bad Sleep by Bad Sleep


Olympia, Washington’s punk three-piece Bad Sleep release their new, self-titled album on 18th January via Specialist Subject Records. It’s ten short and sharp fizzy [...]

Album Review: Fresh by Fresh


London punks Fresh release their new self-titled album on 18th August via Special Subject Records. Since forming in 2015 Fresh quickly released a couple of home recorded EPs, [...]

Album Review: Why Always by Caves

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Caves release their third album, Always Why, on 28th April via Specialist Subject Records (UK), Yo Yo Records (EU) and Dead Broke Rekerds (US). Being split between the UK and [...]

EP Review: I’ve Got This by Austeros


Austeros release their new EP I’ve Got This on 14th April via Specialist Subject Records. Building upon last year’s full length Painted Blue, the EP charts the past 6 [...]

Album Review: Eight Nights by Grand-Pop

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Bristol power pop trio Grand-Pop release their debut full length, Eight Nights, on 31st March via Specialist Subject Records (UK) and Discos Finu (Spain). Made up of Warren [...]

Album Review: POSI by Great Cynics

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Great Cynics release their new album POSI on 24th March via Specialist Subject (UK), Guerilla Asso (Fr) & Lame-O Records (US). Delightful sugary punk rock is the order of [...]