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Album Review: Bareback by Throat

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Finnish noise rock act Throat release their sophomore album Bareback on 31st August via Svart Records. With a new and improved line-up, Throat spice up their version of 90s [...]

Album Review: Sonder by Dearist


Wolverhampton quintet Dearist release their second album Sonder on 27th April via Spartan Records. “Coming from Wolverhampton is both a blessing and a curse” sums up [...]

Album Review: Seed by Looming


Looming release their sophomore album Seed on 28th September via No Sleep Records. Building upon the foundations set out by their 2015 debut Nailbiter, Looming have grown and [...]

Album Review: Blush by Moose Blood


English emo punks Moose Blood release their sophomore album Blush on 5th August via Hopeless Records. Building upon the formidable foundations of their 2014 debut I’ll [...]