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Album Review: Bonsai Mammoth by Darko


UK skate-punks Darko release their debut album Bonsai Mammoth on 3rd February via Bird Attack Records (US), Lockjaw Records (UK) and Torch of Hope (JP). This marks a change [...]

Album Review: Newborn Mind by Napoleon

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Melodic hardcore four-piece Napoleon release their new album Newborn Mind on 27th May via Basick Records. Having honed their skills in the live arena, the resulting sound is [...]

Album Review: Adult by Blacklisters

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Leeds noise rock act Blacklisters release their sophomore album, Adult, on 18th September via Smalltown America. Confrontational and aggressive throughout, it is a formidable [...]

Album Review: Restarter by Torche

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Stoner metalers Torche return with their new album Restarter, released on the 23rd March, it features some their heaviest work to date. Hell, at points it’s devastatingly [...]