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Progressive Metal

Album Review: Artifact by PIQAIA


Danish experimental metal band PIQAIA release their new album Artifact on 10th August via Prime Collective. It’s billed as delivering “progressive, experimental metal [...]

Album Review: Only Ghosts by Red Fang

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American heavy metal act Red Fang released their fourth album Only Ghosts via Relapse Records on 14th October. Take equal parts stoner and sludge metal, throw them together [...]

Album Review: Stillicide by Helms Alee

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Washington state trio Helms Alee release their fourth album Stillicide on 2nd September via Sargent House. As to be expected from their previous material; Night Terror [...]

Introducing: Rootwork


Want to hear your new favourite band? Let us introduce you to Rootwork. They’re a band that tread a line between progressive metal and post hardcore while mixing the sounds [...]

Album Review: Nattesferd by Kvelertak

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Norwegian metalers Kvelertak release their third album Nattesferd on 13th May via Roadrunner Records. Coming off the back of their critically acclaimed sophomore album Meir [...]

Album Review: Purple by Baroness


Progressive metal icons Baroness have released their fourth album Purple via their own label Abraxan Hymns. It’s their first album since their infamous 2012 bus crash and [...]