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Album Review: Cheer by Drug Church

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Drug Church released their new album Cheer on 2nd November via Pure Noise Records. Drug Church–Patrick Kindlon (vocals), Nick Cogan (guitar), Cory Galusha (guitar), Pat [...]

Album Review: Bareback by Throat

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Finnish noise rock act Throat release their sophomore album Bareback on 31st August via Svart Records. With a new and improved line-up, Throat spice up their version of 90s [...]

Album Review: Challenger by Haggard Cat

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Nottingham duo Haggard Cat release their debut album Challenger on 20th April via Earache Records. Featuring ex-HECK vocalist / guitarist Matt Reynolds joined by drummer Tom [...]

Album Review: Feel Good by WRONG


Miami noise rock quartet WRONG release their sophomore album Feel Great on 13th April via Relapse Records. Uncompromising, bludgeoning groove and riffs are the order of the [...]

EP Review: Head Down by Alcabean


Danish alt rock four-piece Alcabean release their new EP Head Down on 16th March via We Are Suburban. Having already picked up a wealth of support through the release of [...]

Album Review: Epithet by Cassels

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Cassels release their debut album Epithet on 6th October via Big Scary Monsters. For Cassels, music is about authenticity. Together they embody the spirit of punk, even if [...]

Album Review: Navigation by NYOS

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Noisy instrumental duo NYOS release their third album Navigation on 29th September in a collaboration with Meta Matter Records. Hailing from Jyvaskyla, Finland, the band [...]

Album Review: Plan Totality by Deniers


If discordant noise rock is your thing then Essex duo Deniers are the band for you. With their debut album Plan Totality being released on 8th April its perfect antithesis to [...]