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Album Review: Cubic by LITE

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Japanese math rock act LITE release their fifth studio album Cubic on 16th November. As you’ve probably come to expect, this contains the bands trademark blend of emotive [...]

Album Review: Newborn Mind by Napoleon

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Melodic hardcore four-piece Napoleon release their new album Newborn Mind on 27th May via Basick Records. Having honed their skills in the live arena, the resulting sound is [...]

Album Review: Arizona by Mylets

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Mylets, the one man solo project of Henry Kohen, releases his new album Arizona next week. To pigeonhole Mylets would be a feckless task; it doesn’t sit comfortably in any [...]

Album Review: Rescue by Samoans


Sometimes an album blows you away. Sometimes you hear a band for the first time and it’s a sucker punch, you ask yourself how you haven’t come across the band before and [...]