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Album Review: Offerings by Typhoon

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Portland 11-piece Typhoon release their fourth album Offerings on 12th January via Roll Call Records. The album’s concept centres on a fictional man who is slowly losing [...]

EP Review: Hell Ya by Club Night


Club Night release their new EP Hell Ya on 25th August via Tiny Engines. Club Night has been a project about coming together. Whether at the shows of each other’s bands [...]

Album Review: Smidley by Smidley


Smidley release their, self-titled, debut album on 2nd June via Triple Crown Records. Smidley is the new project from Foxing singer Conor Murphy, named after his beloved [...]

Album Review: spin by Tigers Jaw


Pennsylvanian emo rock act Tigers Jaw released their fifth album, spin, on 19th May. It’s the first Tigers Jaw album on a major label, producer Will Yip’s new Atlantic [...]