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EP Review: Rejoiner by Naisian


Sheffield metal act Naisian return after a five-year hiatus with their new three-track EP Rejoinder. Originally forming over a decade ago, Naisian had since gone on to join [...]

Album Review: Muetre by Will Haven

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Will Haven release their sixth full length album Muetre on 23rd March via Minus HEAD records. The band’s origins can be traced back to 1995 when they first emerged as a [...]

Album Review: New Minds by Pink Frost


Chicago quartet Pink Front release their first new album in four years, New Minds on 16th June via Under Road Records. The album addresses a collective sense of abrupt [...]

Album Review: Pink by Rad Pitt

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Colchester’s raucous alt rock act Rad Pitt release their second album, Pink, on 12th May. Chaotic, yet measured aggressive hard rock is the order of the day and it’s nigh [...]

Album Review: Invidia by Ventenner


Ventenner are due to release their new album Invidia on 20th January via Hibernacula Records. You’ll find the band’s sound being pushed in a natural evolution, from the [...]

Album Review: Stillicide by Helms Alee

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Washington state trio Helms Alee release their fourth album Stillicide on 2nd September via Sargent House. As to be expected from their previous material; Night Terror [...]

Album Review: Bleeder by Mutoid Man


Mutoid Man release their new album Bleeder worldwide on the 30th June (29th in the UK) via Sargent House. A blistering 30 minutes of balls out metal. There are elements of [...]