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Album Review: Admission by Torche


US hard rock act Torche release their new album Admission on 12th July via Relapse Records. 15 years into their career, Torche have established themselves as a cornerstone of [...]

EP Review: Negatives by Colt 48


London hard rock duo Colt 48 release their new EP Negatives on 29th March. It’s five prime cuts of hard rock with big nu-metal riffs thrown into the mix. It’s intense and [...]

Album Review: Nest by Brutus


Belgian three-piece Brutus release their second album Nest on 29th March via Hassle Records (EU) and Sargent House (ROTW). Having signed to Hassle Records, 2017 saw the [...]

Album Review: Survive Sunrise by ASG

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North Carolina hard rock act ASG release their sixth album (and first in five years), Survive Sunrise, on 15th June via Relapse. Initially forming as a three-piece [...]

Album Review: How To Let Go by blanket

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Cinematic post-rock act blanket release their debut full length album, How To Let Go, on 18th May via Music For Nations. With initial ideas and early demos coming together at [...]

EP Review: Spun by The Hyena Kill


Manchester duo The Hyena Kill release their new EP, Spun on 23rd April via APF Records.Formed after guitarist and vocalist Steven Dobb met drummer Lorna Blundell at a house [...]