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EP Review: Spun by The Hyena Kill


Manchester duo The Hyena Kill release their new EP, Spun on 23rd April via APF Records.Formed after guitarist and vocalist Steven Dobb met drummer Lorna Blundell at a house [...]

Album Review: New Minds by Pink Frost


Chicago quartet Pink Front release their first new album in four years, New Minds on 16th June via Under Road Records. The album addresses a collective sense of abrupt [...]

Album Review: Pink by Rad Pitt

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Colchester’s raucous alt rock act Rad Pitt release their second album, Pink, on 12th May. Chaotic, yet measured aggressive hard rock is the order of the day and it’s nigh [...]

Album Review: few by He Is Legend


He Is Legend release their fifth album, few, on 28th April via Spinefarm Records. With title taking a nod to Madame Helena Blavatsky’s occult treasure The Voice of the [...]

Album Review: Purple by Baroness


Progressive metal icons Baroness have released their fourth album Purple via their own label Abraxan Hymns. It’s their first album since their infamous 2012 bus crash and [...]

Album Review: Disquiet by Therapy?

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Legendary Northern Irish band Therapy? have released their 14th album, Disquiet. It’s a storming 40 minutes of aggressive hard rock full of big riffs and hooks. While many [...]