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Label In Focus: Lonely Voyage Records


In our second instalment of ‘Label In Focus’ we chat to Adam Edwards and Joe Heddon of Lonely Voyage Records on the origins of the label, ethos and the records they’ve [...]

Introducing: Liam Brown


Let Alt Dialogue introduce you to Liam Brown, a 16 year old from Aintree Liverpool and who likes to spend an unhealthy amount of time in his bedroom recording an endless [...]

Introducing: Colorbred

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Let Alt Dialogue introduce you to Colorbred, jazz infused progressive post-hardcore, this is one band you want to get familiar with right now. Their debut EP Synergy, due for [...]

Introducing: Silent Party


Silent Party are native Londoners, which in itself is a near oxymoron like the band’s music, an ode to the shrill beeps, tights spaces, strong odours and Babylonian [...]