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Album Review: As You Please by Citizen

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Citizen release their third album As You Please on 6th October via Run For Cover Records. We’ve had a bit of love / hate relationship with Citizen, we were pretty damning [...]

Album Review: spin by Tigers Jaw


Pennsylvanian emo rock act Tigers Jaw released their fifth album, spin, on 19th May. It’s the first Tigers Jaw album on a major label, producer Will Yip’s new Atlantic [...]

Album Review: Pleasantries by Decade


Decade released their second album, Pleasantries, on 24th February with it came an evolution of their sound from the straightforward pop punk of their 2014 debut Good Luck to [...]

Album Review: To The Rhythm by Knola

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American alt emo act Knola have released their debut album To The Rhythm via Skeletal Lightning Records.  Knola have the pedigree to be something special, formed from the [...]

Album Review: Goodness by The Hotelier


American rock band The Hotelier release their third album Goodness on 27th May via Tiny Engines. After their second album Home, Like Noplace Is There (2014) bought the band [...]