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Album Review: Gore by Deftones

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Deftones release their eighth studio album Gore on 8th April. They’re a band that needs no introduction, if you’re unfamiliar then this isn’t the website for you. For [...]

Album Review: Vigils by Some Skeletons


Nottingham trio, Some Skeletons release their debut album Vigils on 4th December via Mountains of Records. It’s a formidable record – emotional melodic alt rock of [...]

Album Review: Maybe Tomorrow by Ivadell

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Ivadell have released their debut album Maybe Tomorrow on Broken Circles. Hailing from Columbia, SC, the band are part of the 90s revivalist scene, currently making waves. [...]

EP Review: Flow by Ivadell


There seems to be countless post-hardcore bands out there these days. The scene at times could be considered a little over saturated…. and then a band come along and [...]