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Album Review: Actual Existance by RLYR

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Chicago-based experimental rock trio RLYR (pronounced “Relayer”) release their sophomore album, Actual Existence on 13th April via The Flenser. This represents a step [...]

Album Review: Jord by MØL

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Danish blackgaze act MØL release their debut album Jord on 13th April via Holy Roar. Think of the shimmering tropes of Slowdive with a seamlessly blend of a sharp strain of [...]

Album Review: Mire by Conjurer

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Metal act Conjurer release their debut album Mire on 9th March via Holy Roar Records. This is a powerful and atmospheric album that exceeds all expectations. Crushing, dark, [...]

Album Review: Starmourner by Ghost Bath


Ghost Bath released their second album Starmourner on 21st April via Nuclear Blast Records. Considered by many to have a lot hinging on it, this is the epitome of a difficult [...]

Album Review: Air by Astronoid


OK we might be criminally late to the party, 5 months to be precise, but this is one we couldn’t let slip. When we stumbled upon the debut full length album Air by [...]

Album Review: Moonlover by Ghost Bath


American black metal band Ghost Bath have released their second album Moonlover. As a point of reference this isn’t your standard black metal, this is more in line with [...]