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EP Review: Never Expected by Dead Fall


Dead Fall return with their sophomore EP Never Expected on 25th January. Think Title Fight and Citizen and you’ll be in the right ball park. Its all shimmering punk energy [...]

Album Review: Everything Dies by Nervus

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Nervus release their sophomore album Everything Dies on 9th March via Big Scary Monsters. Recorded and produced by Bob Cooper (Citizen, Nai Harvest, Kamikaze Girls) and Em [...]

Album Review: As You Please by Citizen

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Citizen release their third album As You Please on 6th October via Run For Cover Records. We’ve had a bit of love / hate relationship with Citizen, we were pretty damning [...]

Alt Dialogue’s Top 50 Albums of 2015


December is Alt Dialogue’s favourite month of the year, home to the greatest event of the year – it’s Album of the Year list time. 2015 is the first full year of Alt [...]