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Album Review: Devolver by Jamie Lenman


Jamie Lenman releases his second studio solo album Devolver on 27th October via Big Scary Monsters. In a departure from Jamie’s debut solo album (the double album of [...]

Album Review: Epithet by Cassels

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Cassels release their debut album Epithet on 6th October via Big Scary Monsters. For Cassels, music is about authenticity. Together they embody the spirit of punk, even if [...]

Album Review: Seafoam by Kamikaze Girls


Kamikaze Girls release their debut album, Seafoam, on 9th June via Big Scary Monsters. Building upon their 2016 EP SAD, Seafoam finds the band in a more positive state of [...]

Album Review: 3 by Tricot

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Japanese alternative-rock band Tricot release their new album, 3, on 19th May via Big Scary Monsters. Formed in the historical and culturally rich city of Kyoto, Japan in [...]

Album Review: Outsiders by Gnarwolves

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UK Melodic Punks Gnarwolves released their second album, Outsiders, on 5th May via Big Scary Monsters. Big favourites in the UK punk scene on the back of their early EPs [...]