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EP Review: Make Me Yours by Vow


Walking the line between dream pop, dark wave, post punk and synth pop Vow have released their new EP Make Me Yours. Yet again the band mark themselves out as leaders within [...]

Album Review: Oh So Long by Cassavetes

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Cassavetes release their new album Oh So Long on the 26th August. It’s a storming hard rock album full of punk energy and a heavy dose of 90s rock. Short and snappy – the [...]

Album Review: Kingfisher by Prawn


Following up on a string of EPs and their debut album You Can Just Leave It All released in 2011, Prawn release their new album Kingfisher on the 14th August. Where previous [...]

EP Review: It Looks Sad by It Looks Sad


It Looks Sad release their debut self titled EP on the 5th August. It’s all simmering guitar pop / post punk, blending with a rasping vocal resulting in a captivating 4 [...]