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EP Review: Negatives by Colt 48


London hard rock duo Colt 48 release their new EP Negatives on 29th March. It’s five prime cuts of hard rock with big nu-metal riffs thrown into the mix. It’s intense and [...]

EP Review: Endeavours by High Rise


London quintet High Rise release their new EP Endeavours on 29th March. It’s five tracks of explosive alt metal, full of pulverising, breakneck riffs with life-affirming, [...]

EP Review: Glow by Chapter and Verse

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Chapter and Verse release their new EP Glow on 25th January. They’re a band that are slowly, yet surely becoming one of the UKs most exciting bands. Their reputation has [...]

EP Review: Never Expected by Dead Fall


Dead Fall return with their sophomore EP Never Expected on 25th January. Think Title Fight and Citizen and you’ll be in the right ball park. Its all shimmering punk energy [...]