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Album Review: Kingfisher by Prawn


Following up on a string of EPs and their debut album You Can Just Leave It All released in 2011, Prawn release their new album Kingfisher on the 14th August. Where previous [...]

Album Review: Rescue by Samoans


Sometimes an album blows you away. Sometimes you hear a band for the first time and it’s a sucker punch, you ask yourself how you haven’t come across the band before and [...]

Album Review: Yesterdays by Pennywise


With the release of Pennywise’s eleventh studio album Yesterdays, familiar punk rock ground is covered. There have been two major changes in the Pennywise story since their [...]

Album Review: Youth by Citizen


The 14th of July finally sees the UK release Michigan band Citizen’s debut album Youth. Keen followers of bands that sound like Brand New mixed with Title Fight will [...]

Album Review: Artery by Brontide

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The lines between math rock and post rock can often be blurred and with Artery, the second album from Brontide those lines are muddied even more. Released on the 30th of [...]