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EP Review: Sad Sack by Milk Teeth


English punk / scuzz pop act Milk Teeth release their debut EP Sad Sack on the 26th January. Hailing from the sleepy Western town of Stroud you probably wouldn’t image the [...]

EP Review: Don’t Sleep by GutterLIFE

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GutterLIFE release their new EP Don’t Sleep on the 15th February. Its unbridled politically charged punk rock. An uncompromising 6 tracks serve up aggression, political [...]

Album Review: Utopia by Twisted


Welsh garage punks Twisted release their debut album Utopia on the 19th January. It’s a dark blend of 70s UK punk and post-millennial garage rage. It all comes together in [...]

Single: Love The Taste by Bloodlines


Glaswegian rockers Bloodlines have released the first single ‘Love The Taste’ from their forthcoming EP of the same name. It’s a storming 3 and a half minutes which [...]

Alt Dialogue’s Top 50 Albums of 2014


We love lists here at Alt Dialogue and December always brings about our favourite list of the year – Top Albums of the Year. 2014 has been a superb year for good music; so [...]