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Album Review: Noctiluca by Helms Alee


Versatile sludge riff maestros Hels Alee release their new album Noctiluca on 26th April via Sargent House. At no point during their 12-year career has Helms Alee ever been [...]

Album Review: Persona by Lost In Kiev


Parisian meta-post-rock outfit Lost In Kiev release their third album Persona on 26th April via Pelagic Records. Raw and driven yet oozing with thick synth textures and a [...]

Album Review: Morbid Stuff by PUP

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Canadian punks PUP release their third album Morbid Stuff on 5th April, via the band’s new label Little Dipper, in partnership with Rise Records/BMG. Produced, recorded and [...]

Album Review: Aura by The Brave


Aussie metalcore act The Brave release their new album Aura on 5th April via UNFD.  Formed in Brisbane in 2013, The Brave quickly started turning heads with 2014 EP Endless [...]