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EP Review: All Down the Church… by Down I Go

Down I Go surprise released their new EP All Down the Church in Midst of Fire, the Hellish Monster Flew, and Passing Onward to the Quire He Many People Slew on 8th July as a digital only release. Never quite broken up, but never truly a sure-thing either, and typically perfectionist, they began painstaking work on ‘All Down the Church…’  whilst barely recovered from 2017’s Mortals, writing, recording, re-writing and re-recording in a process that sometimes felt endless, before arriving at four tracks of brutally unique metal.

Revisiting their signature speciality of mythology-as-horrific-noise, ‘All Down the Church…’ was, as is the Down I Go custom, recorded and produced entirely by the band themselves; initially tracked at Drummer, Ben Standage’s feted Illinois studio ‘Chuck’s Vegetable Stand’ in jammed duo sessions with Guitarist, Alan Booth, the music was then whisked over to Vocalist, Pete Fraser to pepper with pained screams, choral interjections reminiscent of Cardiacs in their pomp, semi-coherent saxophone wails and jagged, Kurt Weill-esque mini chamber compositions from his woodland home on the edge of Stockholm.

‘Gashadokuro’ with its tale of Japanese giant, indestructible, man-eating skeletons is as abrasive and off kilter as you’d expect before ‘The Kumakatok’ injects that unique Down I Go knack for a harmony amongst the riffs and cacophony, it’d be the strongest track on the EP if it wasn’t for the succulently weird and infectious ‘Black Shuck’, ‘Santa Muerte’ rounds things of in typical Down I Go fashion. Glorious, stream it all below.

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