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Album Review: Celebrity Mansions by Dinosaur Pile-Up

Leeds alt rock three-piece Dinosaur Pile-Up released their fourth album Celebrity Mansions on 7th June via Parlophone. It’s a return to form after the sum what disappointing Eleven Eleven.

It’s exactly what you want and expect from Dinosaur Pile-Up. Instantaneous grungey alt rock, choruses and hooks aplenty with enough gritty punk riffs to create an insatiable energy. The magic and charm of debut Growing Pains (2010) has returned and it’s sparked the love you previously had for the band.

Whisper this… this might be their strongest album.

There are no weak tracks here, it’s all killer. Even the weakest of the three singles released, ‘Back Foot’ feels more at home on the album and excels when complemented by the other nine tracks. From there and the preceding, anthemic lead single ‘Thrash Metal Cassette’ the album goes from strength to strength and it’s damn hard not to dance and sing along.

‘Stupid Heavy Metal Broken Hearted Punk Loser’ has touches of Sum 41 but ends up being an absolute banger – punky alt rock with hooks hasn’t sounded this fresh and invigorating in a long time. Then there’s the gritty Weezer tones of ‘Celebrity Mansions’ and the bittersweet anthem of ‘Round The Bend’ to hammer home how instantaneous and infectious this album is.

The second half of Celebrity Mansions is just as good and the speed grunge of ‘Pouring Gasoline’ and the laidback soaring pop rock of ‘Black Limousine’ sink their talons into your subconscious and within a couple of listens become your favourite tracks on the album. ‘K West’ might be an ode to American Popstars but it’s uniquely Dinosaur Pile-Up and harks back to the energy of their early days.

‘Professional Freak’ and ‘Long Way Down’ round the album off in style. Dinosaur Pile-Up are back at their best – they’ve never sounded fresher or more alive,

AD Rating 8/10

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