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News: Pijn and Conjurer announce new joint band and album, stream first single

Curse These Metal Hands is a project unlike many others. Combining the talents of two of UK metal’s brightest new bands, PIJN & CONJURERCurse These Metal Hands (16th August release, Holy Roar Records) is a salute to the power of uplifting heavy music.

The band are streaming their first single from the album now. Premiered via BBC R1 Rock Show, you can watch the lyric video for ‘High Spirits’ below:

Pre-order Curse These Metal Hands here:

Knowing each band previously and separately might lead you to believe that Curse These Metal Hands is a dark, crushing release. Far from it – where there before was darkness, now there is light. In the band’s own words: “It’s purely just some songs we made to induce joy”.

The band have released an in-studio making-of documentary; watch here:

Curse These Metal Hands is an album saturated with a sense of wellbeing, from the very first moments of opening track, ‘High Spirits’ through to the closer, ‘Sunday’.

The lyrics in the songs stem from the band’s joy-inducing ethos, coming “from a place of pushing through to find sick things even when life is a bit tricky… That and getting super stoned, and dogs snoring really loudly.”

The album is also not without its moments of terrific power, all built around the collaborative three-guitar approach of Dan, Brady (CONJURER) and Joe (PIJN).

The group formed at ArcTanGent Festival and will perform again at this year’s event. In the words of organiser James Scarlett, “like Baroness playing Pink Floyd… should be on your list”, and are absolutely not to be missed.

The band are:

Dan Nightingale [CONJURER] – Guitar / Vocals
Brady Deeprose [CONJURER] – Guitar / Vocals
Joe Clayton [PIJN] – Guitar / Vocals
Nick Watmough [PIJN] – Drums / Vocals
Luke Rees [PIJN] – Bass / Vocals



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