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Death Is Death by Eat Dirt

London punk crew Eat Dirt released their debut album Death Is Death on 2nd June via Bearded Punk Records. Recorded in two studios—the music was laid down at The Silk Mill in Stafford, engineered by Tom “Bash” Bishop, with the vocals and mixing recorded at Monolith Studios in Tottenham, produced by Charlie Wilson. In what seems to be becoming typical fashion from this band, there was no mucking about—the whole album was recorded in a day and a half.

With their self-titled debut EP fuelled by rage against small-minded Brexiteers, and 2018 follow-up Welcome To Shithouse-On-Sea musing on being trapped in a dead end town surrounded by people “too wrapped up in what they don’t have to realise what they do”, a concept album about death might not necessarily be the obvious next step for the band.

“The album covers a lot of stuff, but it is mainly about death,” admits vocalist Ben Mills, grinning maniacally, like The Cheshire Cat. “The lyrics are mostly rooted in the fear of death, the acceptance of it, and coming to terms with the death of friends and family. It all came together quite strangely; we never went out of our way to write a concept album. It just…happened.”

Musically it has the sound of a punk band straight out of the 90s, think bits of The Offspring (of that era) with the vocals of Rancid. If you’re looking for immediate and listenable punk rock then those influences and sound is no bad thing, it does its job well and like with any good punk record of those leanings it ends up being a short yet instantaneous punch to throat.

Make no bones about it, it doesn’t sound particularly original and the cynic would think they’re just rehashing the 90s. Forget that though, stick this on and enjoy it. ‘Moribund’, ‘Night Terrors’ and ‘The Beast’ are excellent tracks.

AD Rating 6.5/10

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