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Album Review: Scream Through The Walls by As Cities Burn

US Post-hardcore outfit As Cities Burn release their new album Scream Through The Walls on 7th June via Equal Vision Records (US)/Rude Records (Europe). It marks not just the end of a decade-long absence, but the first album featuring the Bonnette brothers collaborating since the band’s seminal 2005 debut, Son, I Loved You At Your Darkest.

Since their inception in 2002, the band have garnered tremendous respect for their progressive take on the post-hardcore genre. Upon the release of their 2005 full-length debut, fans and critics alike fell in love with the balanced dynamic of TJ Bonnette’s visceral screams and the clean vocals of his brother, Cody, who also serves as the primary songwriter in the band.

In 2006, TJ’s new marriage saw him leave the band for a new life in Mississippi. The remaining members forged ahead, undergoing several line-up and stylistic changes over the next three years and releasing two more acclaimed full lengths – Come Now Sleep (2007) and Hell or High Water (2009) – before disbanding in 2009.

Ten years on and As Cities Burn are ready to unveil Scream Through The Walls with both Bonnette brothers sharing vocal duties yet again. The band collaborated with producer Matt Goldman (Underoath, The Chariot) to help capture the signature frenetic energy of their live show. It is a rallying cry, not only for themselves but for anyone that will listen, to push against the mental barriers erected when struggling through one’s darkest moments.

The catharsis that forms the bond between listener and record is akin to the first time you heard As Cities Burn. You transported back to 2005 and are reminded of when Thrice, Thursday and Jimmy Eat World were in their pomp. Along with Taking Back Sunday, it’s as if you’re back to when these bands were the focus of your listening and you can’t help but revel in the lush tones, emotion and heartbreak of this record.

‘Bright White Light’, ‘2020 AD’ and ‘Bind Spots’ are your go-to tracks, but dip in anywhere and you’ll be rewarded with an excellent track.

AD Rating 8/10

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