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Playlist: Pleiades Night Time Drives

Keep your eyes peeled for a review of their new EP All At Your Mercy, but in the meantime we got PLEIADES to do us a playlist on their favourite night time driving songs


Hi! We’re Pleiades and we have picked a few of favourite songs for late night drives. Some of them have personal stories attached to them and some are just guilty pleasures that have helped us get through the long motorway drives or helped us fall asleep (much to the chagrin of those driving). We hope you enjoy what we’ve picked out




Lone – Galaxy Garden

This song was the sole reason for my old car breaking down – it’s impossible not to floor it when this CD gets put on. Which, in a Ford Ka, results in a very steady rise from 30 to 70 in three minutes flat. Exhilarating stuff. The whole album is incredible.



Bing & Ruth – And Then It Rained

A beautiful example of powerful ambient music. When it comes on, I can’t help imagining that in my rear-view mirror, there’s a smouldering, ugly wreckage of a city behind me and I’m getting the fuck out of dodge. There’s not much imagination required when driving away from Stockport, mind. Bing & Ruth can do no wrong.



Jimmy Eat World – Goodbye Sky Harbor

At 16 minutes this is a behemoth of late night driving, it is chock full of overlapping melodies that drill into your brain dragging you in, not only does it pass a good chunk of your drive but it always leaves me smiling. {AP}



The Hotelier – Dendron

The climax of one of the greatest emo albums. It’s an uplifting and anthemic track, the descending dual vocal part with Christians screams get the hairs on the back of my neck up every time and I always crank the volume on the motorway past midnight. {AP}



Basement – Wish

I commuted a lot around the North of England when I was studying in Leeds for production work and for shows. I always found myself returning to Colourmeinkindess to ease monotonous Northern rail trips. After a socially-reflective, emotion-driven, powerful album the pinnacle for me is Wish. The track is the perfect album-ender. The way the middle-eight seamlessly builds is enough to make any musician envious. I will never forget seeing this at Basement’s “Last Show” at The Well, climbing on my mates and belting that Chorus back at the stage.




Jon Hopkins – Open eye signal

Jon Hopkins’ jarring and motivational production style opened my eyes (no pun intended) to a previously undiscovered world of electronic music. Open Eye Signal makes you feel isolated through the urgent, unorthodox arrangement of swells and synth noise, almost like you become a solitary character in a high-octane film or video game. The rolling percussion and subsequent sense of dread and unrelenting forward motion perfectly mirror late night motorway driving.

I don’t think I have ever listened to this track without sticking it on repeat.


Incubus – Aqueous Transmission

I’m the first one to fall asleep whenever we are on a drive and this song for me is the ultimate song to drift off to sleep to, right down to the Chinese Pipa and dreamy vocal delivery. I’m not awake very long. {AC}



James Blake/ Travis Scott – Mile High

Whenever i want a break from heavy music Travis Scott is my guilty pleasure. I’ve been driving Ryan mad with this song doing my best James Blake impression when we’re driving but it has dreamy haunting vocals that are addictive and for long drives, it feels appropriate.{AC}



Hundredth – departure

I’ve had this album on repeat for the past couple of weeks now. I really love the shoe-gaze sound they adopted for their latest release. If I could drive I imagine I’d be listening to this. it’s a chilled mid-tempo album closer I can get lost in.{JE}


Audioslave – Cochise

RIFFs for days… This is probably more suited to an American highway in summer than a late night dreary English motorway but its an iconic riff and would get you through a late drive if our selection of post-rock and shoe-gaze was helping you drift off a little too well.{RN}


Thanks for checking out what keeps us going on the road. Our new EP “All At Your Mercy” is out May 31st via AWAL – Hopefully, some of those tracks make your late night driving playlist…

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