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Album Review: Eternal Forward Motion by Employed To Serve

Woking metallers Employed To Serve release their third album Eternal Forward Motion on 10th May via Spinefarm Records. Employed To Serve’s second album, The Warmth of a Dying Sun, thrust the metallic hardcore quintet squarely into the spotlight, garnering across-the-board praise, with Kerrang!, Metal Hammer, The Radio 1 Rock Show, Metal Injection, Punktastic, That’s Not Metal, The Independent and more all showing strong support.

The Warmth of a Dying Sun was also voted Kerrang!’s ‘Album Of The Year’ for 2017, an illustrious accolade that has previously been won by some of metal music’s foremost names… So, what next for the band?

They’ve chosen to sharpen their impact and to refine those signature elements that made them so revered in the first place – the groovy licks, the frenetic counter-rhythms, the searing discordant leads, the melodic detours and the sick heavy head-banging riffs. This is an album that builds upon the success of The Warmth of a Dying Sun and dials up a notch, if that was their breakout album then this is the album that solidifies the band’s position in the upper echelons of modern metal.

While the sound isn’t a departure from their trademark sound, it feels a little more accessible – there’s more elements of the Deftones and Will Haven this like yet they sit perfectly beside the brutal assault of the Converge and Carcass moments. Take ‘Beneath It All’ as the prime example, it’s heavy as fuck yet there’s moments that you find yourself singing along – it’s as instantaneous as it is hard hitting. ‘Dull Ache Behind My Eyes’ goes for the jugular and pummels you with riffs and ferocious vocals before single ‘Harsh Truth’ builds and bursts into the finest 4 minutes of metallic hardcore you’ll hear this year. Full of punch and suspense, the breakdowns and explosions contain so much energy you can’t help but fall in love.

If you were in any doubt that Employed To Serve are one of 2019s most important bands, then ‘Sore Tooth Twin’, ‘Force Fed’ and ‘We Forget You’ sweep it all away. ‘Sore Tooth Twin’ displays a short burst of maturity before ‘Force Fed’ is surely the best lead single you’ll hear this year – it has everything you could ever want from any hardcore or metal track, then there’s ‘We Forget You’ with its structured assault on the senses. The brutality and immediacy come at you from every angle and you get swept up in the tsunami of riffs, before the quiet lulls you into a sense of security then it gloriously explodes in a wall of guitars. Superb.

‘Suspended In Emptiness’ continues the assault before ‘Reality Filter’ is another of the moments where you realise you’re listening to something very special – the social commentary resonates and compliments the crushing riffs perfectly. Throw yourself around the room to ‘Owed Zero’ before ‘Bare Bones On A Blue Sky’ confirms beyond any doubt that Employed To Serve are 2019s hardcore saviours. This is it; this is your album of the year.

AD Rating 10/10

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