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Album Review: Born A Cynic by Weatherstate

Bristol punks Weatherstate release their debut album Born A Cynic on 10th May via Failure By Design Records (and Wiretrap Records in the US). The album was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Neil Kennedy & Daly George at The Ranch Production House. “We smashed out the initial recordings in 10 days during which I didn’t leave the studio for the entire time,” says guitarist Callan Milward. “It was freezing there and we were pretty pushed to get the whole record done. I remember suffering from some kind of sleep paralysis where I was tracking more rhythm guitars for the songs on the record in my sleep. This happened on a few of the nights.”

Such is Weatherstate’s dedication to their craft. “Sharing a room with a band mate for 10 days can sometimes be challenging,” he continues. “I remember Harry essentially made his bunk bed into a literal bin which enticed a few rodents in during the night. I guess it just comes with recording an album in an old barn? Pretty sure a rat died in one of the walls of the Black Lodge too during this session.”

Weatherstate have a sound that looks back fondly to the pop punk of the 90s harnessed with an energy that updates the style and makes in relevant in 2019. It takes the immediacy and charm of old Green Day, and creates and instantaneous and relatable 11 tracks. Bands like Neck Deep have probably made the older reader more trepid with UK punk (and rightly so). You needn’t worry with Weatherstate though, this is less men in their late 20s trying to appeal to teenage girls and more a group of guys doing what they love and belting out solid pop punk. This is more The Dirty Nil than As It Is.

Sure, none of it breaks the mould but it’s rare that a punk pop album does these days. Stick it on, forget your preconceptions, sit back, relive your youth and enjoy. ‘Brain Dead’ and ‘Rotten Lungs’ are early bangers, while ‘Arteries’ and ‘Medicate’ keep things ticking over in solid punk style. ‘Sympathy’ and ‘Nothing Matters If You Try’ are straight out of the top drawer and highly enjoyable.

AD Rating 7/10


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