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Album Review: High Crimes by The Damned Things

Rock super group The Damned Things release their new album High Crimes on 29th April via Nuclear Blast Records. Made up of Scott Ian (Anthrax), Joe Trohman & Andy Hurley (Fall Out Boy), Keith Buckley (Every Time I Die) and Dan Andriano (Alkaline Trio).

It’s an eclectic group of musicians and eight years since their inception they’re back. According to the press release, “It wasn’t planned, that was for sure. But the lore goes: Joe Trohman started writing songs secretly, scantily clad and afraid. He then played them for the rest of the band. They said “Ok, I guess we’ll make this.” Then everyone texted their parts over to producer Jay Ruston”.

But it still begs the question why?

Give the album a listen and you probably won’t be any closer to an answer. It’s a decent album but it isn’t anything special. Better than Fall Out Boy and Anthrax but not a match for Alkaline Trio or Every Time I Die, you wonder if this is anything more than a vanity project for Trohman (or more likely a release when weighed up against the turd Fall Out Boy put out).

The first three tracks, ‘Cells’, ‘Something Good’ and ‘Invincible’ are the best tracks on the album. It’s a relative high point that the rest of the tracks fail to come close to. The remaining tracks tend to blur together and you forget what you’re listening to – it lacks a proper identity.

‘Carry A Brick’ and ‘Keep Crawling’ inject a temporary burst of life into proceedings, but like the rest of the album they’re quickly forgotten. Give it a spin, but this isn’t anything special.

AD Rating 6/10

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