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Playlist: Lost In Kiev’s favourite tracks

We’ve just reviewed Lost In Kiev’s new album Persona and to double down the band have curated a playlist for us…

Dimitri (guitar):

Deftones-Xerces :

I have been a fan of Deftones since high school days. It is a band that has evolved over the years with a great evolution. I recently came across this track which has an amazing production.

Gallops-Darkjewel :

I discovered this tune thanks to Jc in the tour bus of Lost In Kiev and I am still amazed about it. It really is the perfect mix between electro and acoustic instrument, brilliantly made. Whenever I listen to this song I have to move my head. I do not really know other pieces of the band but this one is included in my playlists.

Black Mirrors- Funky Queen

It’s the track to give yourself a boost. Rock n roll carried by a female voice. Simply a vitamin for the ears!


-Max (Guitar/Synth) :

Rival consoles- Dreamer’s wake

I like a lot the work of Rival Consoles. I discovered him with his previous album “Howl”, some really goods & interesting electronic textures & ambiences. And it’s funny because his last album is also named « Persona »

Thrice – The earth will shake

Simply my bedtime album. For sure one of the albums I listened the most in my life.

Hans Zimmer – Interstellar OST

Stunning soundtrack. What a wonderful work by Hans Zimmer, I’m particularly fan of the organ sounds on this soundtrack. It’s a really interesting choice to use church Organ sounds for a Sci-fi & special movie.

– Yoann (Drums/Samples):

Mount Kimbie – You Look Certain

This title is a real lesson in terms of gimmick, loop, and simplicity

Boy Harsher — Pain

In this title, we are listening old synth old school including drums which is very cool. The whole tune uses the codes of rock n roll: short delay on the voice, linear bass, basic drums.

Floating Points – Peroration Six

More the title advances more the music seems to be deconstructed. Particularly enjoyable.


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