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EP Review: You Are Filth by Death Blooms

UK metal upstarts Death Blooms release their new EP You Are Filth on 26th April. Vocalist Paul Barrow, who delivers an uncompromising performance throughout the EP, explains the motivation behind the first single: “Crosses is a song I wrote about a time when I lost a friend and the confusion I felt during those few months. Everything seemed like it was spiraling out of control; my work, my personal life, my relationships with people – everything. This is the best way I could put into words how I felt at that time. I think back at that whole period of time and in my mind, it always takes place in two churches. One may or may not have been real, but the other definitely was; and so the song represents how I internally dealt with this “fake” reality and what I was actually feeling.”

On ‘Crosses’ the band sound like Slipknot at their heaviest and most infectious stage – it’s well-structured metal – quiet moments leading to heavy crescendos make for a thrilling and cathartic listen. It’s an excellent track and a high standard that the band maintain throughout the four track EP. ‘Filth’ does more of the same before ‘Believe’ channels some Linkin Park influences through some devastatingly heavy riffs. ‘Rotting Away’ wraps things up nicely and confirms the band as one of the most exciting heavy prospects in the UK right now.

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