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EP Review: To Myself, From Myself by Lonesome

Peterborough Post-Rock outfit Lonesome release their debut EP To Myself, From Myself on 26th April. With this debut release the band are already setting themselves out as ones to watch in the UK Post-Rock scene. They create a very particular brand of post-rock which ebbs and flows—between ethereal ambient sections and huge crescendos; from swelling harmonies to heart-rending screams. “We try and take the listener on a journey through our songs,” says bassist Chris Roberts, “and with that comes the big epic parts, and the quiet melodic parts. Hopefully that journey sparks some emotion.”


It is a concept album. It’s a letter written in a positive state of mind to a younger self, referring back to a point in life where the reader felt trapped and struggled to see a future for themselves. It’s a record full of comfort and promise, from a present self with the experience of getting through the hard times.


Debut EPs don’t come any better than this. It’s 26 minutes of near perfect post-rock with smatterings of post-hardcore and so much emotion you can’t help but become attached and invested. Opener ‘To Myself’ is a rousing and commanding effort with some of the best crescendos we’ve heard this year, it segues perfectly into the throbbing and intricate ‘Remember’ before ‘;’ channels the influences of Sigur Ros and ‘Be Strong’ comes storming in with all the post-rock triumph you could ever want.


‘In The Heart You Have’ excels in its expansiveness and tenderness before closer ‘From Myself’ bookends the EP in the sense that things have been bought full circle and resolved. Get in at the start, this band are essential.

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