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EP Review: Negatives by Colt 48

London hard rock duo Colt 48 release their new EP Negatives on 29th March. It’s five prime cuts of hard rock with big nu-metal riffs thrown into the mix. It’s intense and nostalgic.

“Our new EP Negatives is the work we’re most proud of to date” , explains vocalist and guitarist Adam Jerome. “For one, we were lucky enough to work with Colin Richardson (Slipknot, Machine Head, Bullet For My Valentine) as well as our long time producer Chris Clancy (of Mutiny Within and Wearing Scars), which was an absolute dream come true and an opportunity we’ve been so thankful for.”

Jerome offers further insight into both the musical and lyrical influences of Colt 48’s upcoming EP, “We’ve tried to incorporate more of our influences into the mix, but still keep our own stamp on it. So musically you’ve got the heavy riffs, slamming beats and rock choruses from before but with some more metal influences thrown in. Lyrically, Negatives is a very personal collection of songs to both of us; 2018 saw us both fall out of relationships, deal with death up close, even be at odds with each other at times.But despite all of this, we’ve pulled through and pushed past what could have easily stopped us in our tracks, and written something we’re truly happy with. Negatives is a celebration of every success, remorse for every regret, and a middle finger to everyone who told us no.”

Lead single ‘Disconnected’ and ‘Scapegoat’ channel One Minute Silence influences with classic nu-metal melodies. It’s not breaking any new ground but it is infectious and immediate. ‘The Fire’ has a little more grit, but it’s on closer ‘Lost’ that the EP breaks free and Colt 48 take on a life of their own.

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