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Album Review: What’s Past Is Prologue by Free Throw

Emo / Post-hardcore act Free Throw release their third album What’s Past is Prologue on 29th March via Triple Crown Records. Past releases may have provided small glimpses into Free Throw’s history as a band and personal lives outside of music, but What’s Past is Prologue is the group at their most forthcoming. The 12 tracks contained on the album detail the continuing mental health struggles of lead singer Cory Castro, and serve as a complete story of what happens when you decide that everything in your life needs to change.

“This album is very much about me hitting rock bottom from a mental health standpoint and the process I took in building myself back up,” Castro explained. “With the last record, I was trying to talk about my mental health, but at the time I was actually going through it. The last album felt like I was yelling from the void. This time I’m looking back into the void and I’m able to understand what was going on.”

As Castro explains, the record is split into two parts. The first half explores the weight of personal blame, with singles — including the gunning and practically unstoppable ‘Tail Whip, Struggle’ and the limitless, swaying tenderness of ‘Stay Out Of The Basement’ — setting the stage for an impactful finale. As the album nears its conclusion, ‘Today Is Especially Delicious’ provides a tumultuous turning point, with the band tearing through Castro’s shouted confession of “Is this what I had planned for my life/I need a hand of some type to pull me up and break this cycle of drinking for breakfast.”

Conversely, in some ways it’s a typical Free Throw album. Full of big hooks, emotion, sing along moments all bundled in an infectious and immediate brand of American emo. It doesn’t do much wrong and like all good post-hardcore albums, it’s relatable and instantly suckers you in and plucks on your heartstrings. As is the albums structure you end up coming out smiling with a life affirming energy. ‘The Fix Is In’ and ‘Perfect Driftwood’ are excellent tracks. Solid.

AD Rating 7/10

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