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EP Review: Wildheart Dreaming by The Xcerts

Scottish alt rock act The Xcerts release their new EP Wildheart Dreaming on 29th March via Raygun Records. If you thought their last album Hold On To Your Heart was the band dipping their toes into the pop rock world, this EP sees them being fulling immersed in pop rock.

Here the band go full Tom Petty and it’s four tracks of anthemic, catchy rock. Opener and lead single ‘You Mean Everything’ was written as an ode to Murray’s family and friends, the song took on a new meaning once complete.  “It turned into a song for all the people I’ve never met. For the ones who feel alone, without self-worth, this song is for you. It’s a song about compassion which is the theme that runs through the EP and we are so psyched that these songs are finding their way into the world.” It’s the strongest of the bunch and you can’t help but sing along.

It’s clear that these tracks were written along with the last album, there’s a similar feel and its all to clear on why they weren’t included. They probably wouldn’t have fitted – they’re that bit more poppy, but crucially they’re nowhere near as good.

Four decent tracks with ‘Fight or Run’ being the other standout track and ‘Real Love’ verging on the forgettable. Not the boys strongest work.

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