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EP Review: Endeavours by High Rise

London quintet High Rise release their new EP Endeavours on 29th March. It’s five tracks of explosive alt metal, full of pulverising, breakneck riffs with life-affirming, anthemic vocal melodies cut with venomous screams.

As the band say, “This EP is a journey and a reflection on our cultural surroundings.  Each song reflects the struggles we face in day to day life, whether that be losing someone close to you or seeing alcohol or substance abuse as a means to escape reality. The name ‘Endeavours’ came from the thought that no one’s journey is ever quite over and through our struggles to succeed, we forget to appreciate the more important things around us.”

In all truth it’s an accessible alt metal EP for the masses. It isn’t going to break any boundaries and it doesn’t do anything new, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t decent. Sure, it won’t blow you away, but it’s an enjoyable listen and hints at big things to come from the band.

Lead single ‘My Solitude, Your Hope’ is the most likely to get noticed – the crunching guitars work effortlessly well alongside the melodic vocal parts – but it’s on the more abrasive tracks ‘Ghosts In My Mind’ and ‘Haunting Me’ that the band excel and you realise that this is just the start for a band that could potentially be huge. The former is especially good, while the latter has tones of Funeral For A Friend.

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