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Album Review: Blue Blood by Idiot Pilot

After 12 years away experimental rock act Idiot Pilot return with their new album Blue Blood on 12th March. The band soared through countless tours and two albums with Warner Brothers Records, then crashed hard with the sudden announcement of an indefinite hiatus. The musical pair made up of Michael Harris and Daniel Anderson, parted ways to Bellingham, Washington and Los Angeles, California, respectively, where Michael raised a family and Daniel worked on his synth-pop project, Glowbug.

This isn’t just the sound of a band picking up where they left off, this is a band that have matured and developed in their break. The signature synthetic clicks and pops still churn through waves of electronica, and heavy crushing guitars could still cascade down out of nowhere, but Idiot Pilot have never sounded as fresh or alive.

But why now? Secretly recorded during weekend trips up and down the American coastline, the duo decided to experiment in the studio without much direction. At first, it wasn’t quite apparent if Idiot Pilot had returned or not, but as the songs began to form, Michael and Daniel quickly realized what was happening.

“When we’re writing music it feels like no time has passed,” says Daniel. “We still understand and trust what the other one is going to bring to a song. It’s amazing how deep that creative connection still runs.”

From opener ‘Bombs Away’ to closer ‘The Big Sleep’ it’s an invigorating listen. Louder moments, like on the post-hardcore tinged ‘Mammoth’ complement the more fully electronic moments (see ‘The Pushover’ or ‘Asylum’). They’re not confined to the two distinctive styles, ‘Only So Much’ excels in an acoustic lullaby while ‘Saboteur’ channels a Muse-esque pop sensibility. Special mention to the excellent ‘Murderous’

AD Rating 7/10


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