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Playlist: Colt 48 favourite tracks

Hard rock duo Colt 48 release their new EP Negatives at the end of the month and we caught up with the band to get a playlist of their favourite tracks


Ded- Hate me

Adam: This is a relatively new band and a new track for me, but I love it! I found out about Ded last year and immediately began to stream their album ‘’, which is just awesome! It’s chock full of heavy riffs, big choruses and dark imagery, and this is no exception to the rule. I got chatting to their singer not long after checking them out and shortly after their Download festival performance we were lucky enough to support them, so it only feels right to include them on this playlist as a small thank you for that.







Of mice & Men – Back to me

Adam: One of my favourite modern metal bands for sure. OM&M are always on my gym playlist (usually sandwiched between Killswitch Engage and In Flames) and I love the video as it was shot at a festival I was at, so it holds lots of fond memories for me!





In Flames- Burn


There’s something about the drumbeat on this that gets me every time I hear it! When the song settles into that solid double kick drum groove in the main riff and chorus, I can’t help but smile.

In flames are just a great band and their music always reminds me of listening to ‘Clayman’ and ‘Colony’ at school and being so impressed by how both heavy and melodic their music is.





Ke$ha – Here comes the change


Adam: I guess this is a bit of a guilty pleasure, and certainly an odd one out on this playlist, but you know what? Screw it, she’s great! I like all her scuzzy, in-your-face-dance stuff like ‘Tik Tok’ and ‘Die Young’, and I love how different her new music is, well worth a listen! I also admire Ke$ha for having gone through so much hardship in her life and career, being able to pull through it all and come out swinging, which is also the theme of our EP ‘Negatives’.





Relentless Flood – Away From Me


Matt: I have listened to this band for a few years and this new album the song is taken from is so good that it’s really tough to pick out one song amongst them all! This one speaks a little more personally to me, and the mid-section kicks you right in the balls.





Decyfer Down – Break Free


Matt: Taken from their first album, I remember discovering Decyfer Down and just falling in love with that album! Caleb’s vocals really got me eager to want hear more of them and so much more music from the Christian metal community, they have since had a line-up change or two but they still continue to blow me away.





SoIL – Halo


Matt: This song got me into wanting to play rock music. I started out playing soul and some light rock but when I heard this song through a set of headphones from a friend my jaw literally dropped at how groovy and heavy it sounded! I was hooked on the band and wanted to know their back catalogue of stuff so bad, ‘Halo’ definitely shaped my earlier drumming





Peter Gabriel – Sledgehammer


Matt: This song’s a banger… Nuff said!

Well, that and you won’t catch a tour or long car journey to a gig without me and Adam putting this on the playlist and belting it out loud!





Nothing More – This is The Time (Ballast)


Matt: This song has a great message and an even better riff. This song I’ve had on repeat a few too many times because you can really hear the energy from all its members throughout and the heart of the vocals being put into it. This band have exploded recently and me and Adam have had the pleasure of meeting them once or twice! They’re lovely people and it’s great that they have put in so much thought to their live performance and sound and they’re getting noticed for it.



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