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Album Review: Apple of Discord by Ghost Iris

Danish metalcore act Ghost Iris release their third album Apple Of Discord on 22nd February via Long Branch Records. Having started as a DIY internet phenomenon in 2015 the band not only managed to build a strong team behind them, but also made their mark in the main metal community in a rather short space of time. In 2016 the band achieved having the most streamed Danish metal album on Spotify at 1,6 million streams, and at the time of writing their general streams are in excess of 5 million.

Their first two albums Anecdotes Of Science and Soul & Blind World have both received grand praise by Metal Hammer, KERRANG! and It Djents for their playful, yet catchy approach to technical metal. This is more than your average metalcore band, there’s something unique and special about Ghost Iris. Sure, the blend of angry growls and striking clean vocals and big choruses are metalcore hallmarks but scratch the surface and you’ll find a band that are progressive and technical.

Technically enhanced, yet melodic guitars; fast-driven, yet groovy drums; along with the metalcore vocals serve up a treat that will appeal to prog/tech metal fans as well as the more mainstream metal fan.

Due to the metalcore element, there are moments that make you cringe slightly – the bits where it gets a touch too neat and formulaic. Then there’s the times where the band let loose and ramp up the technical riffs and heaviness and you can really enjoy the album. The trio of tracks ‘After The Sun Sets Pt II’, ‘Beauty In Expiration’ and ‘The Rat and The Snake’ manage to showcase the very best and worst qualities of the band. Thankfully throughout the good outweighs the bad.

AD Rating 7/10

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