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Album Review: Now by NYOS

Finnish instrumental duo NYOS release their fourth album Now on 22nd February (self-release). The bands focus whilst writing Now was to work without limits to make the most creative and varied release possible, moving away from predictable dynamics and formulaic songs. Tracks like ‘High Five’ and ‘Aveiro’ (which the band improvised in the studio) show that new direction quite clearly, and the album takes the listener through a real variety of moods and emotions during its 39minutes.

It’s an interesting album, albeit a little to reliant on looping and repeating structures. Take ‘High Five’ as an example, it might have an experimental, impromptu feel for the first 2 minutes then it all gets a little samey and predictable. Similarly, with ‘LWP’ the opening riff initially sounds exciting and expectations are raised, 3 minutes later and it gets more than a little tired.

While ‘Zebracazebra’ treads dangerously close to the same territory, it relieves itself by being that little bit more expansive and stretched out. ‘Tiglio’ repeats but teams a beautiful riff with a bassline that oozes class and quality. Here you have the prime example of when repetition can work in the bands favour, they excel and it all comes together wonderfully.

It’s a high point that the album doesn’t drop from. ‘Mutante’ carries the same feel forward and could very well be one of the best instrumental tracks you hear this year. ‘Death Star’ revels in a brooding darkness that verges on the beautiful but manages to fully threatening and ominous. ‘Averio’ closes out the album in style, at times ambient and at other points all encompassing.

An album of two halves.

AD Rating 7/10

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