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Album Review: This Is Not The End by The Spielbergs

Oslo Alt Rock act The Spielbergs release their debut album This Is Not The End on 1st February via By The Time It Gets Dark. From the outset it sets it’s stall out as an album that wrestles despondency, anxiety and hope, broadcasting their talent for melody and emotionally wrought song writing clearer than ever.

Despite the despondence of the content there’s a warmth and instant like-ability it all. It’s the kind of sound that can only come when three life-long friends are creating music they love together. As a result, listening to Spielbergs is like picking up that classic record that you and your friends bonded over as teenagers.

Unfortunately, I’m no longer a teenager.

While this is an enjoyable and immediate album, it lacks staying power for the older listener. It’s a little too angsty, it’s laid on a little too thick. Couple that with the fact that it’s a pretty formulaic alt rock album and you probably won’t be rushing back for repeated listens.

That said, ‘Bad Friend’ and ‘We Are All Going To Die’ are good tracks and excel as standalone tracks. The Spielbergs are perhaps best taken in small doses, consume a couple of tracks at a time and don’t let them outstay their welcome.

For the younger listener, this will be an album right up their street. It has all the poppy alt rock hallmarks to flourish within the Kerrang! reading demographic.

AD Rating 5/10

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