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EP Review: Glow by Chapter and Verse

Chapter and Verse release their new EP Glow on 25th January. They’re a band that are slowly, yet surely becoming one of the UKs most exciting bands.

Their reputation has seen them quickly reach the dizzying heights of the 2000trees Main Stage, garner much coveted tour supports for Dream State, Courage My Love and Hellions, turn heads at the Radio 1 Rock Show and Kerrang! Radio, and even gain the support of Metallica’s Lars Ulrich, a member of what Chapter and Verse call “The New Breed”.

Glow is a kind of watershed moment for the band, this is the moment the band deliver on the promise and potential of previous releases. This is five tracks of the highest calibre, all killer. ‘The Casket’ opens the EP in style, but it is on ‘Magazines’ and ‘Eleven Hours In Real Time’ that Chapter and Verse come into their own and show just how good they are. The latter especially shows how the band have a real talent and knack for blending the infectious, experimental and cutting riffs.

The frantic pace and drive of ‘A Devil In Blue’ is invigorating and the pulsating riffs beg to be danced to before ‘Ink’ showcases the band at their most expansive and exciting. Get yourself acquainted with Chapter and Verse before they’re huge.

1 Comment on EP Review: Glow by Chapter and Verse

  1. Very excited for this one👌


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