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Album Review: -aire by The End Of The Ocean

Seven years on from their last new material, American post-rock act The End Of The Ocean return with their second album -aire released 18th January via Rude Records / Equal Vision.

With so much going on in their personal lives, the band needed to “give ourselves a chance to hurt so that we could have the chance to heal” before even thinking about another release. In the end, the writing and recording processes for -aire ended up being a big part of their healing process and forged a bond that is stronger than ever between the five members of The End Of The Ocean.

Back when The End Of The Ocean released their first album Pacific-Atlantic in 2011 they were seen as leaders in the American post-rock scene, they paved they way for its second wave and helped push the genre to new limits. You can consider the years between releases as being kind to the band, they’ve grown and matured their sound. It’s all a little angrier, rawer but still overwhelmingly beautiful, cathartic and relatable.

Whether you’re an old fan or new to the band you’ll fall in love almost immediately, from the opening chords of ‘Endure’ you’ll feel an affinity with the music. It’ll seep in and penetrate to your core, it will take you on an emotional rollercoaster. You’ll be taken to the highs and dragged to the lows, you’ll feel like you’ve truly experienced and viscerally lived through every one of the 51 minutes.

It does what any good instrumental post-rock album should do – it lets the music do the talking and connects with the listener in a way lyrics can’t do. Then it does more, it breathes with you, it takes on your emotions and becomes the perfect soundtrack to every mood, every day.

We can only recommend that you listen to this as an album, listen to every track in one go, don’t dip in, experience it as one mass. It’s worth it and you won’t be disappointed. Its nigh on impossible to single out specific tracks for praise so we’ll suggest the trio of ‘Homesick’, ‘Forsaken’ and ‘Redemption’.

Even though this is our first review of 2019, we can’t imagine it could have been for anything better.

AD Rating 9/10

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