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Alt Dialogue’s Top 100 Albums of 2018 Part 1: 100-51

Let’s not mess about, let’s get stuck in. Here is Part 1 of our Top 100 Albums of 2018. Albums 100 – 51, the preamble and stats can be found here (along with links to previous end of year lists). We’ll keep it simple and just list the albums with links to the review. We’ll jazz up the Top 50 up a little.


100. Will This Do? by Long Neck
99. With A Heavy Heart by Old Notes
98. A Light Within The Fracture by Wess Meets West
97. No Discordance by Harker
96. We Are Everywhere by Midwich Cuckoos
95. Anatomical Venus by Black Moth
94. Cats and Dogs / Living Together by The Stayawakes
93. Same Place by New Junk City
92. Sum Of All Your Parts by Fatherson
91. Survive Sunrise by ASG
90. True Capacity by ASTPAI
89. Everything But Here and Now by Happy Accidents
88. Husk by Goldblume
87. Fire By The Silos by Toska
86. Through A Wall by Single Mothers
85. Holy Hell by Architects
84. Blackout Cowboy by Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam
83. Cheer by Drug Church
82. Cleave by Therapy?
81. Father’s Son by LIMBS
80. The Things I Heard At The Party by The Maple State
79. I’m the Devil and I’m OK by Split Cranium
78. Funeral Shakes by Funeral Shakes
77. Equivalency by Hotel Books
76. Neither Washington Nor Moscow… Again by Great Collapse
75. Bareback by Throat
74. The Euphoric by The Fierce and the Dead
73. Rhubarb Nostalgia by Wild Cat Strike
72. Merci by Save Face
71. Things To Place On The Moon by Odd Palace
70. Clarion Cell by The Human Project
69. I Think We’ll Be OK by Eat Defeat
68. Watching The World Come Undone by Templeton Pek
67. Offerings by Typhoon
66. True North by Weary Eyes
65. Cold Air by Drowse
64. Man of Stone: First Chapter by Halo Tora
63. Glue by EMP!RE
62. Actual Existance by RLYR
61. Burnt Sugar by Gouge Away
60. Challenger by Haggard Cat
59. Reiði  by Black Foxxes
58. Sea Magnolia by Bearfoot Beware
57. Golden Age Of Not Even Trying by Dead!
56. Never Nothing by Super Whatevr
55. Vitriola by Cursive
54. Who Cares Anyway? by Don’t Worry
53. Alamort by Ducking Punches
52. Composure by Real Friends
51. Muetre by Will Haven



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