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Alt Dialogue’s Top 100 Albums of 2018: The Preamble and Stats

It’s our favourite time of year, end of year Top Albums time!

Like 2017, we’re taking the same approach to 2018 – ranking our Top 100 Albums of the year, same rules apply…

  • Release date of before December 1st, 2018
  • Studio albums only
  • Full Albums only
  • It’s been reviewed on Alt Dialogue

This year, the last rule has scuppered us a little. Due to various reasons things slipped a little and we’ve missed reviewing some cracking albums. In no particular order, here’s the ones that slipped through the net (that otherwise would have featured high up the list)…

  • Joy as an Act of Resistance by IDLES
  • Surrender Yourself by Primitive Weapons
  • Shiny and Oh So Bright by Smashing Pumpkins
  • Full Circle by Colorist
  • Let Pain Be Your Guide by Portrayal of Guilt
  • Inchoate With The Light I Go by He Was Eaten By Owls
  • Head Cage by Pig Destroyer
  • Aurora by Slow Crush


As normal, we’ll do a Readers Poll. This year we’ll do it after we’ve published the full 100. But now onto the statistics behind the Top 100.


  • In the Top 100, 49% are English & 35% are American. (A reversal of last year). Again, Canadian and Australian lead the way in the other non-European nationalities, while Scotland and France have 3 places each.
  • Drilling down to the Top 20, 60% are English with the Americans dropping to 30%. Denmark and Canada have one place each.

Previous Appearances

  • 4 acts were in 2014’s Top 50, two placing higher (both in the top 10).
  • 8 acts were in 2015’s Top 50, with equal numbers placing higher and lower.
  • 12 acts were in 2016’s Top 100, seven placing higher this time.
  • 4 acts were in 2017’s Top 100, with 3 of those placing higher, all with their second albums


  • The Top 100 see a massive 59 different labels and 7 self releases.
  • Holy Roar has 8 acts in the Top 100, they’ve had a stellar year and would have featured more if we’d reviewed all their releases
  • Looking at the Top 20, Holy Roar take up a relatively huge 25%, with Epitaph having 2 acts and an equal distribution for the remainder


  • For the Top 100, February (15) and April (13) have the biggest share.
  • Going to the Top 20 it’s all change with August drawing level with April on 4 each.


  • It’s the return of the most useless stat… Bands starting with the letter D are the most heavily featured with 11. T & B come in joint second with 8 each. (Naturally the word ‘The’ is ignored).

Stay tuned for the first half of the Top 100 coming soon.


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