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Playlist: Beezewax’s favourite Buffalo Tom tracks

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Norwegian act Beezewax have a tour kicking off tomorrow (supporting Buffalo Tom) and in celebration we got the band to put a playlist together. They’ve gone for their favourite Buffalo Tom tracks.

First up their new single and those tour dates

Tour dates as follows:
27 Nov – Copenhagen, Pumpehuset #
29 Nov – Berlin, Bi Nuu #
01 Dec – Leuven, Het Depot #
02 Dec – Amsterdam, Paradiso #
14 Feb –  Brighton, Komedia *
15 Feb – Manchester, Sackville Street *
16 Feb – Oxford, Fusion Arts Space *
#= Supporting Buffalo Tom
*= With Night Flowers


Soda jerk


This might be the first Buffalo Tom song I ever heard, on some skateboarding movie. I don’t remember the film but it must have been around 93-94 and I instantly loved it. What was different to the other bands of their era was Bill Janovitzen raspy, soulful voice. It just fit perfectly to the skateboarding.




The first record of theirs that I got proper into was Sleepy Eyed. I just loved the sound of the album and have over the years tried so hard to figure out why it sounds so good. Still don’t know how the band and producer John Agnello did it. This song is an early autumn anthem and Norway being such a season heavy country, we could really relate to the melancholy of seeing the summer go.





Such a slow burner. I mean Buffalo tom are the kings of slow burners.

This one was the soundtrack of boring weekday nights spent in my room in my early teens. I think I could really relate to Buffalo Tom, not just musically but where the music was coming from. I knew they were from Boston and that it gets really cold there, I could sort of picture them playing the songs in some shitty room, winter raging outside. They are definitely a great companion.



Mountains of your head


I wrote that same riff before I heard it. It’s really weird, but anyway it’s kind of simple, and being a Dinosaur Jr., Buffalo Tom, Hüsker Dü head I was bound to come up with that riff.

This song is a bit special to me cause It was springtime when I first got a hold of Let me come over, and it’s just such a beautiful and thrown together record. This was the song I’d listen to on my way to and back from my first proper girlfriend.





Such a great album closer. It reminds me of Cass McCombs and the Afghan Whigs,  and I love the feedback all over the track. It was probably recorded really fast, no looking back- it just became what it is. It speeds up nicely too.



Late at night


I watched two TV-shows around this time that were waaaaayyy ahead of their time and stuck out amongst all the other popular shows on tv: Northern Exposure and My So Called Life. Buffalo tom turned up as a band the characters on My So Called Life went and saw in a pretty important episode of that show.

I really like Chris Colbourn’s lyrics, very specific and descriptive but cryptic at the same time. And the solo is the best guitar solo Bill ever did!




Many years pass and suddenly I am in a touring band myself riding around in the back of a transit in the dead of winter in the UK listening to this song and the whole album. We all did. Smitten is such an autumn album, sharp and crisp sounding.





You’ll never catch him


This was the first song they released after a long hiatus and I had kind of given up on new music from Buffalo Tom. So it was a nice surprise when it popped up with news of euro shows too. We went and saw them at Primavera, BCLNA that year with all die hard fans from all over Europe in front of the stage.




For all to see


We were on a US tour and got to go see them at the Bowery Ballrom, in 2000. We had to borrow ID’s from friends cause we were under 21.

I remember this b side pretty well and how cool Chris eating an apple between songs.


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