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Playlist: Ready The Prince get Festive

On the back of their new track ‘Torn Up’ we got Ready The Prince to curate a playlist for us. They’ve got festive, but first up their new track.


1. Strange Bones- Snakepit

No better way to fire things off on the 1st day of Christmosh than with this absolute banger from a rising UK band.
2. Silverchair- Lie to Me

Freak Show might be our favourite album from the 90’s rock era. This track blew my mind the first time I heard it, Daniel Johns’ artistry is way under appreciated. Try not going chestnuts to this.
3. PUP- Guilt Trip

Two Christmases ago PUP played 3 straight sold out shows at Danforth Music Hall in Toronto and it was probably one of the best mosh pit’s I’ve ever taken part in. Can’t have this playlist without these Canadian punk legends.
4. Possum- Quick Damage

This band will always be a big piece of the Ready the Prince story. Brand and Tobin from Possum recorded/engineered our song “Torn Up”, and their drummer Bradley Thibodeau recorded the drums on it! I’ve been to a few Possum shows now and the crowds are always going insane. You need to get to know these Toronto garage psych-rock Godz.
5. The Dirty Nil- Please, Please Me

This makes 3 Canadian bands in a row, and we ain’t stopping there. One of our favourite albums of 2018 is the Nil’s “Master Volume”. This is the craziest track off the album and it makes me dream of a dirty Christmosh.
6. Death From Above 1979- Romantic Rights

This is my favourite DFA song. They will always be the band that proved bass and drums is all you need to make people smash into each other.
7. dubé- Pretty Girls On Bikes

Ottawa’s very own mosh warriors. Go look up footage of a dubé show.. It’s insane, and this might be their best song to jump around to, I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Luckily I get to see it again when we share the stage with these dudes on December 8th & 9th in Toronto. There’s a 3rd band headlining that bill and you’ll find out who that is soon (it’s a Christmosh miracle).
8. At The Drive In- Arcarsenal

But first, here is a song from one of our biggest inspirations when we formed Ready the Prince. Was there ever a band with more raw energy than ATDI live? I hope you start a snowball fight to this song.
9. cleopatrick- city kids

Surprise! The 3rd band on those Toronto shows also happens to be our best friends cleopatrick AKA the hottest band on the planet right now. I’ve been moshing to this song for 3 years now and it never fails to give me bruises. I really could have chosen any of their songs because every single one gets people pushing and crowd surfing but it seemed fitting to close out this playlist with the song that started it all.


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