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Album Review: Oh Dearism by itoldyouiwouldeatyou

Multi-faceted indie-punk/emo/experimental collective itoldyouiwouldeatyou release their debut album Oh Dearism on 16th November via Alcopop! Records, Failure By Design Records and Beth Shalom Records. It’s an endearing and relatable album that encapsulates the anger and love of youth through questions about identity, about love and sexuality, about gender, about morality and responsibility, about the social and political structures which constrain us, and about the fitness of the institutions and systems that underpin modern society to provide us with a world that works for us all.

“This record is about me trying to come back into the world after a long period of hiding from it,” says vocalist Joey Ashworth, the focal point of this uniquely poised collective. “Remembering what I liked about living outside of my house, and what led me to hide in the first place. Striking the balance of informed naiveté—to remain open hearted, uncynical and prepared for the worst.”

Sometimes an elaborate spiel about an album can put you off, you can have the impression that the band (or the band’s label/press) have ideas above their station or it’s all a little too much. The above comes close to it. Once you hit play on Oh Dearism you forget about all of that and fall into an endearing 44 minutes of indie rock / math pop / emo.

There are some genuine moments of brilliance here. Tracks like ‘Young American’, ‘Gathering Things Together and not Dividing Them’ and ‘Get Terrified’ mark the band out as one of 2018s essential listens, a rock band on the verge of realising their talent and creating something magical. There’s also ‘Craiglockhart’ which shows a different side to the band, channelling all the emotion and fragility of Foxing and ‘Goodbye To All That’ embracing a spoken word emo approach.

AD Rating 7/10


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