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Album Review: Husk by Goldblume

Cambridge alt-rock act Goldblume released their debut album Husk via Aaahh!!! Real Records on 9th November. The album is a three-year journey into trying to find a sense of self and connecting it to the face you see in the mirror. HUSK is a record which encourages you to be kinder to you, and to better understand the mental state of other people, as well as your own.

It’s about no longer wondering who that person is, staring back at you. It’s about trying to be patient and loving to yourself and your mental state and developing a safe way to cope and survive. It’s about growth and emotional balance; learning to hear something that you can’t believe—or you never considered to be true—and retaining the ability to not melt down if and when those perceived walls finally fall down.

“I am pretty easily caught up in sensational things, but also terribly anxious, and these two ideals sometimes jar pretty hard,” says guitarist and vocalist Jethro Steel. “I want to do or say great things and not settle for acting passive or being naïve, but then I think a certain amount of sensational and beautiful things come from exactly that. It’s this malaise and frustration, then you are suddenly waking up, realising you don’t really know what it is you’re going to do next, but you know it’s overwhelming, everything all at once.”

Overall, it’s an enjoyable and riotous 10 track album. The grunge tones of ‘Razor’ and ‘Tomorrow’ are particular highlights, yet the band is more diverse than that – there are moments of math-rock, punk and traditional alt rock. Elsewhere on the album, ‘Alice’ shows a different side to the band and the 3 part closer of ‘Loose Fruits’ Parts 1 – 3 are pretty exhilarating.

It is a strong and commanding debut and hints that there will be lots more to come from the band.

AD Rating 7/10

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