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Album Review: Holy Hell by Architects

Architects released their new album Holy Hell on 9th November via Epitaph. This is the Brighton metalcore band’s first album since the death of founding member and songwriter Tom Searle in August 2016. Although some of the tracks were written or part completed with Tom, the band haven’t disclosed which ones, as his brother Dan says, “We don’t want to say because we don’t want people’s perspectives of the songs to be swayed by having that information.”

We weren’t big fans of their last album, 2016’s All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us, but generally we’ve been fans of the band. Unfortunately, Holy Hell doesn’t restore any faith in the band. In all truth it’s a pretty standard and dull metalcore album.

Earlier in the band’s career they had more of a hardcore edge, it was all a bit more visceral and felt like there was a genuine passion behind every track. Now, eight albums in, it has turned into standard metalcore filtered and smoothed for the mainstream.

There’s no spark left, this could be any run of the mill metalcore band. Sure, it’s got some thunderous riffs and there’s plenty of energy but that’s what the genre is all about and there’s nothing to make Architects’ sound standout.

Most of the tracks on Holy Hell are pretty forgettable. At most you’ll remember the title track and ‘Damnation’ for being the two of the worst tracks on the album. Both typify the leanings towards the mainstream and making their sound accessible. ‘Royal Beggars’ does the admirable job of condensing the worst parts of the album into one track.

That said, Holy Hell gives Architects fans what they want – easy metalcore. It just isn’t for us.

AD Rating 5/10

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